Are you a “VB”?

Are you a “VB”?

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At the MVP summit this year Kathleen and I asked MVPs using Visual Basic what kinds of applications they’re building, what other technologies they’re using, what their favorite features are, and more. Many thanks to all of you who humored me! The result? A great series of videos on Channel 9. (I told you I’d get back at you Jim Duffy!) ;-)

But Lisa decided to take this a step further to give more people, not just MVPs, a chance to tell their story. Check out (which redirects to a page on the VB Dev Center) that also has links to written interviews submitted by MVPs. Here’s your chance to submit your own story and have your interview appear on the VB Dev Center!

Okay I just threw a lot of links at you up there. Just visit!


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  • Hi Beth,

    I love the interviews, but please remove the background music from them all.  I find the persistant music to be too loud and thus terribly distracting.


  • With the experience I have had with VB programmers and .NET you should also ask are you an OO VB?

  • Hi Blueshift,

    Believe me when I say we worked really hard on the sound quality. Because the interviews were done at random parties and events at the MVP summit, there was a lot of background noise. We had to filter it with music just so you could hear the main speakers. It sounds a lot better with it than without it.

    Glad you like the interviews!

  • You know Beth. I doubted now that there are any more C# developers :)

    I'm proud to be VB dev.

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