Visual Basic 10, C# 4 & Visual Studio 2010 Talk @ EastBay.NET

Visual Basic 10, C# 4 & Visual Studio 2010 Talk @ EastBay.NET

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On Wednesday I spoke at EastBay.NET User’s group at our new Livermore location and I have to say it was a TON of fun. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun speaking in a while. Deborah has an awesome recap of the event. We were afraid that we’d have low attendance because of the switch in venue but it was a great turnout!

I did the same talk that I had done at DevTeach which I wrote about here. I guess the third time’s a charm because I had people laughing and learning at the same time which is what I always strive for in my talks. I had great feedback that I explained Co/ContraVariance really well. I’ll write up a blog post on that later but I basically just took this example from Lucian and explained it in “OOP 101” terms driving it home with a practical example in the end.

I also showed all of the C# 4 features in one method that demonstrated COM interop with Office lifted from this walkthrough and demonstrated the “no PIAs” feature (which removes the PITA experience of deployment ;-)) by cracking open reflector and showing the type information embedded into my assembly. Take a look at the end of this walkthrough for info on that feature.

I also showed off some of the cool features of VS2010 like the new look-and-feel, the new editor, and WPF designer and data tooling. I needed 3 hours to cover everything I wanted to show so I ran out of time in the end but that always happens to me :-).

Check out the EastBay.NET site for our upcoming events. Hope to see you there next month.


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  • I just wonder why visual basic 10,C# 4 & Visual Studio 2010 Talk not yet sell in Indonesia. I just cannot wait and try it. Nice article friends. Well done

  • Beth,

    For the past few years I have tuned into your blog, read your tech presentations and viewed your training sessions.  I have been so impressed with your approach to covering the fascinating evolution of VB.  But living on the east coast it is not practical for me to attend your seminars.  Is there someone in my area (FL or PA) that supports us like you do?


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