Visual Basic Power Packs also included with Visual Studio 2010

Visual Basic Power Packs also included with Visual Studio 2010

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If you’re like me and used to having line & shape controls, PrintForm and a handy DataRepeater as part of your toolbox then you’ll be excited to know that these controls are also going to be installed with Visual Studio 2010.

On Friday, Yunfeng Dong mentioned on the VS Data team blog that the VB Power Packs 3.0 release was installed by default with Visual Studio 2008 SP1. In the comments of that post someone asks about VS2010 availability and it’s good to know that these controls will also be available in that release.

However you don’t need Visual Studio 2008 SP1 or Visual Studio 2010 to use these controls. If you have Visual Studio 2005 you can download the web release here. (Note that if you are using Express versions of Visual Studio, the controls will not automatically show up in your toolbox. Take a look at the readme on how you can add them.)


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  • Any chances of including these in .net framework 4.0 ?

    That way the extra deployment needed on user machines can be avoided as we know that if users have installed .net framework then these will controls will also be avl there..

  • Hi Vinod,

    It's a good suggestion I can take back to the framework team, especially as more folks use them in their applications. But I assume this case is just like the ReportViewer controls -- the PowerPacks are a separate redistributable to to cut down on the size of the .NET framework install. If all teams were allowed to put their controls directly into the framework redist, I think it would get way too big.



  • I agree with Vinod. It would be much feasible to include it with .NET FW 4.0. I don't think by doing this it increase the size of it drastically. Don't you agree Beth?

    One more thing, don't tell them,but fight for it. You Beth were one of the enthusiastic devs for data repeater control :-)


  • I agree with Vinod.  So, to help cut down on the size of .NET 4.0, how about just include the PrintForm component?  It is powerful and easy for a developer to include.


    Luo Long

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