N-Tier Application Patterns with Entity Framework

N-Tier Application Patterns with Entity Framework

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This month’s MSDN Magazine has a particularly good article in there by Danny Simmons, Development Manager on the Entity Framework team, on N-Tier Application Patterns with Entity Framework that I recommend reading through. He explains the design considerations you need to take into account when building n-tier applications and also discusses some of the improvements that are coming in .NET Framework 4.0 that will make building n-tier applications with EF much much easier. I’m personally looking forward to self-tracking entities myself, hooray!

Tim Mallalieu also has a good best practices article in this issue that I just started digging into regarding the next version of Entity Framework.


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  • I  wonder if something ever has changed with this new release....


  • NHibernate is a much better solution than this...

  • Hi Yuri,

    I agree that the first release of EF has some issues but that post you're referring to is over a year old. The EF team has been working hard on listening to customer feedback and improving the framework for the next version. The article links above explain these improvements. Take a look and see if they address your needs. You can also dowload the Visual Studio Beta 1 here:


    And send feedback about EF here:




  • I'm still confusing about How to develop n-tier app for my aplication. There is too many reference that I must learned.Can you help me??

  • Maybe a dumb question, but in this article is EF acting as the "data persistence tier"? It seems that the mid-tier directly is invoking EF.

    Or... is there (or should there be) an explicit data persistence tier required (which presumably I would  provide) that was omitted for brevity?  

    But other than this confusion, I think this article really helped clear away the cobwebs for me!

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