New “How Do I” Videos Released on Entity Framework & WPF

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  • Hi Beth,

    thanks bunches for the series - they sure made my getting into WPF/EF (both new to me) a lot easier!

    A suggestion for another video: How about a form that displays a list of records (like in a ListView or Combobox) and, upon picking one from the list, allows for editing or deleting it as well as adding a new record? While I have succeeded in doing this I'm sure my implementation is worse than it could be and I'd love to see you show us how you would do this.

    And if that suggestion isn't interesting enough - make sure you keep adding new videos - it's fun to watch and I love your Oops'es. :-)



  • Hi Olaf,

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll add your topic suggestion to the list :-)



  • Thanks for the Series.

    How does the methods you show for Data Binding to the EF relate to M-V-VM?

    I really like the M-V-VM, but I'd like to use EF for a complex databases.


  • Hi David,

    As far as I understand it with M-V-VM there would be another layer between the entities (data model) and the UI (view) and you would bind to that instead. That way you could put a service in between your ViewModel and data model. I just started playing with EF and M-V-VM together myself via ADO.NET Data Services.


  • Hello Beth,

    I´m from Honduras. I live in Tegucigalpa. I really enjoyed all your videos. They are amazing. I love WPF!

    Thank you very much. You have been extremely helpful.

  • Where can I find the video's the links do not work now?

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