What is Microsoft’s Visual Basic 6 Support Strategy?

What is Microsoft’s Visual Basic 6 Support Strategy?

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I just posted an interview on Channel 9 with Paul Yuknewicz, Lead Program Manager on the Visual Studio team. Paul discusses Visual Basic 6 runtime and IDE support options as well as proven techniques, tools and best practices for interoperability and gradual, phased migration to .NET.

Channel 9 Interview: What is Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 Support Strategy?

Read the Official Support Statement on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP


Today we also updated the the Visual Basic 6 Resource Center with better navigation, Visual Basic 6 samples and components, important downloads, as well as migration tools and training mentioned in the interview.

Please visit the Visual Basic 6 Migration page for information on how to plan and execute a gradual, phased migration to .NET.


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  • Is there a tool to find and locate any DLL, EXE, etc that is compiled VB6 code?

    We want to use that to ensure that non-core applications (i.e., not from Microsoft) do not have VB6 code, controls, etc.  

    Microsoft applications are good at working with VB6 code but third party ones are especially notorious for shipping and using 5+ year old obsolete VB6 controls.

    We audit new applciations in a VM to see what files they land and what registry changes they make.  Many third party speciality applications haven't had all of their dlls updated for 5+ years.  The classic example are applications that use old 16 bit installation programs.

  • Feel dirty for asking, but is there a similar MSDN "Migration Centre" for (gasp!) VB3?

  • Hi Greg,

    I'm not actually sure. Have you tried asking in the VB6 newsgroups?

  • Hi Fergal Reilly,

    LOL. There's no specific center for VB3, but you can still benefit from the P&P guidance, free books, videos and migration resources. The one thing that I don't think will work is the Interop Forms Toolkit since it relies on COM, but there is a lot of other resources on the site you can benefit from.



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