Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is Here!

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is Here!

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Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 has been released! Check out the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2 site to download the Beta, submit product feedback on the Beta Forums, report bugs on Connect, and watch videos about Visual Studio 2010 on Channel 9. Also visit the Beta 2 walkthroughs page for information on how to use the new features and download the Visual Studio 2010 Samples.

There’s also some good language-focused resources on the Visual Basic 2010 and C# 2010 as well as resources for Office Development with Visual Studio 2010 that are hanging off the Developer Centers. Take a look through the Visual Studio 2010 Product Highlights and What's New in Visual Studio 2010 .

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 resources:

Looks like content is still propagating across the net so some headlines still still need to update but the download is ready for MSDN Subscribers today and the content is here! Everyone else can download it on the 21st. I can’t wait to mention it to all the attendees at the SDC conference :)

Enjoy, and let us know what you think of Beta 2!

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  • Hey Beth,

    That's cool and all, but is there a chance this download is going to be made avaialable to people like myself who can't afford an MSDN Subscription?

    I had a look at the subs available, and even if I were to buy the cheapest one, I'd have to pay twice what I earn monthly (at current exchange rates, that's only about $500) ... Sad, I know


  • Now I think of it, I'd even be happy with just VB 2010 to experiment with...

  • Hi Logan,

    "Everyone else can download it on the 21st."


  • Beth.. i see the Express will also be available on 21st.. will the release date be the same as VS?

  • Turns out my boss didn't like me downloading the ISO at work and killed the download 94% of the way...

    Is there any chance, Beth, that you send me a copy? I hope that's not breaking any copyright laws or anything, but as it was made freely downloadable, I think not.

    Aside from someone sending me a disc with the ISO on it, I have no way of getting a copy while it's still relatively new. Would really appreciate a helping hand here.

    If anyone would like to help, my email address can be found at my URL. Thanks

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