Happy Halloween 2009!!!

Happy Halloween 2009!!!

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“It’s the most, wonderful tiiiiime of the yyyyeaaaar”. Yes, I’ve been in love with Halloween ever since I was young. The neighborhood I grew up in L.A. was a great place to go trick-or-treating. Dead bodies in front yards, live action death scenes, and neighbors that actually made you perform a trick to get your treat. As a shy kid (yes, I was a shy kid!) I always loved to dress up and be something I wasn’t, especially something creepy or frightening. The last time I attempted dressing up and trick-or-treating I was about 17 (hey, I had a young face and I’m short!) and I didn’t do it for the candy, I just wanted to show off my costume.

Nowadays I have a costume party on Halloween at my haunted mansion. We have a garage full of decorations that we’ve collected over the years. Most recently added was an animatronic witch that drags itself across the floor. The house is done up in lots of black-lights, spider webs, gouls and goblins and there’s a theme to every room. We even have the head of a dead fortune-teller at the front door. And watch your step as you head into the bathroom (don’t look in the tub if your squeamish).

But the best part of these shenanigans is the costumes that everyone is required to wear. If you show up without one I have about 10 very embarrassing ones you can choose from (believe me you want to show up in your own costume, these are horrible and a bit smelly). We have voting and a prizes give-away for the Scariest, Funniest, Most Creative and Best Couple or Group costumes.

Alan and I always go for the scariest and it’s always a surprise what we’re going to be. This year I have to say is going to be the hardest costume I’ve ever attempted but if I get it right, it will be amazing. Maybe I’ll quit Microsoft and work for Universal Studios (which BTW, I highly recommend going there on Halloween if you’re near Universal City!)

Here’s some costumes from previous years, try and guess what we’re going the be this year. I’ll post back pictures of this year’s party on Monday.


Ahh yes, the Angels of Death


IMG_1789 I couldn’t find a picture of me, just Alan. Dr. Cute!


Zombies love brrraaaaaiiiiinnnnssss…..


I’m bride of Frankenstein and Frankie is above me with his mask off – this was the year we vowed NO MORE MASKS FOR ALAN.


The devil made us do it! This is my first year at Microsoft and the year that Sara Ford came too.


Remember, kids – Always wear your seat belt!!!



Happy Halloween!!!!


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  • love the outfits

    nothing beats Halloweens good spirit!


  • Its really happy person.Good for You...

  • I've got to say, I'm worried for some of the kids who go trick-or-treating at your place Beth. Your costumes are really hectic!!! They'll all get the fright of their little lives when you open the door - especially if you look like you've been disemboweled or something.

    Do you act the part too?

    P.S. I think Sara makes a better looking Trinity than Trinity did...

  • Hey Beth,

    This isn't related to the article at all, but since this is your latest post, I thought I'd ask here... What's happening with the RSS feed? since yesterday it's downloaded this post about 20 times. It's also downloaded a post from 16 September a few times too.

  • Hi Logan,

    I just looked in the RSS feed and it only has 15 posts going back to the 28th and they all look like they have the correct date. Maybe it's your feed reader client?

    Thanks for the halloween wishes... now time to take it all down and prepare for the holidays....

  • Hi Beth,

    This morning again, I check, and there are 30 unread entries in the feed on my end...

    I just deleted the feed and added it again, so maybe there was just something wierd happening (crossed wires as it were).

    I don't have any reader client other than Outlook 2007. I wonder if it's a recurring issue

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