New Learning Resources on the VSTO Developer Center

New Learning Resources on the VSTO Developer Center

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Last week we revamped the Learn pages on the VSTO Developer Center with more content that allows you to pivot on more fine-grained topics and tasks under each type of Office solution. We’ve changed the layout of these pages so that you can browse for a type of solution (right now we have Excel, Word, Outlook and Deployment) and then you can drill down into the specific topics to reveal articles and videos underneath. As you select a topic on the left, the content changes on the right so check it out.


We’ve gone through and picked key content in the Visual Studio and Office MSDN libraries, other Developer Centers and blogs to bring you a better integrated learning experience -- especially if you’re just getting started programming Office solutions with Visual Studio. Let me know what topics I’ve missed by making a comment to the end of this post or by contacting me directly and I’ll get them added. Also let me know how you like this layout, I’m planning on taking this approach to the Visual Basic Developer Center as well.


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  • This post is gold for me! I've just become permanently employed and some of my development projects involve importing data from a DB to an Excel spreadsheet or exporting to a spreadsheet and uploading the .xls file to an FTP site.


    When I saw your "contacting me directly" link in my RSS feed (which is working 100% again by the way, don't ask me what happened), I thuought I'd finally gotten your email address...

    I think it's really great how helpful you are in the community. I hope to become just as influential and helpful someday too.

    Keep it up!!!

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