New Blog from the WPF & Silverlight Designer Team Just Launched!

New Blog from the WPF & Silverlight Designer Team Just Launched!

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The WPF and Silverlight Designer team (a.k.a Cider team) launched a blog last week and they already have a TON of content!

Wow I need to catch up!  I’m told during the months of January and February they will be adding a good bit of WPF & Silverlight content that will focus on the Designer toolset and walkthroughs using the Designer as well as some posts for control authors.

You can leave feedback for the Cider Team on the blog or you can send comments and questions using Twitter and include #wpfdesigner or #sldesigner in your tweets.

My favorite tag on the blog so far is How To. ;-)

Enjoy! (I know I will)

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  • When I started to use the new Cider Editor in VS 2010, I was certainly impressed (compared to the rather lame version in VS 2008). But I was still struggling with all the properties, alignment issues, margins, etc.

    Karl's excellence series has dome me a load of good in better understanding what is happening and making me much more productive.

    I highly recommend checking out the Cider Team blog. I have gone through all the postings and have subscribed to the blog.

    Thanks for pointing this out Beth.

    bill b

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