SQL Server 2008 Express How Do I videos

SQL Server 2008 Express How Do I videos

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Recently I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to work with and connect to SQL Express data. (SQL Express edition is the free version of SQL Server that comes with Visual Studio). Well if you haven’t seen these videos on getting started with SQL Express you should check them out:

SQL Server 2008 Express How-To-Guide Series

I recommend this one in particular, SQL Server Express Troubleshooting which shows how to add logins to SQL server and troubleshoot connectivity problems.


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  • i was just thinking abt this sql server express conncetion to vb

    and here there is

    great posts thanks for that

    but how much express edition can handle in the meaning of the data size

    thanks again

  • Hi Athman,

    The free SQL Server Express edition supports 1 physical processor, 1 GB memory, and 4 GB storage. When you outgrow these limitations you can simply attach your database file to the full version of SQL Server without any code changes.



  • Greetings!

    Could you point me in the right direction please?  I am a VB.Net developer and have an application that uses SQL Express.   It works fine on my desktop but I am worried about deployment.   I am specifically worried about "attaching" during the connection.  

    Is there some way to create the "attaching" of a database during or part of deployment?   How do others solve this problem?

    I work all day with SQL Server and VB.Net but am weak on what is needed for a customer to connect the very first time to my database.

    Any suggestions?  


    Bill Fournier


  • Greetings Beth,

    the link to SQL Server Express Troubleshooting  throws an error.

  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the heads up, looks like they changed the links. I updated the post.


  • Hi Bill,

    The way you deploy the database depends on many factors. Do you have a multi-user scenario? If so the best option would be to attach the database to a since machine's sql server instance then use a connection string to that. Auto-attach is only a single-user scenario.

  • Thanks for the reply Beth.   For the moment I am doing a single-user deploy.  Instead of asking you questions I would like to find a complete source of info.   Questions like:(1) what happens if I require Sql Express 2005 and they already have Sql Express 2008?  (2) What is the best way to get the database attached to the server the first time?   Should I just do a connection string each time with an AttachdbName?  

    I need a bullet-proof deployment solution and I have not located a complete answer on the web.

    I chose SQL Express to use stored procedures and for the easy upward migration to SQL Server but the install would have been far easier if I used MS-Access.

    Thanks for your help!


  • Hi Bill,

    Here's information on how to do a single-user xcopy deployment on SQL Express database:


    If you go multi-user then you would just attach this database to the SQL Server instance on one machine and then chance the connections strings of the client applications in order to connect to it.



  • Thanks Beth!   I appreciate your support.


  • Hi Beth, huge fan here!

    I am having a hard time trying to figure out how can i display a related data from a child table when the user filter the parent table.

    In other words;

    I have a form with two tables with a One Two Many relationship, the parent is as detail view and the child is as grid view.

    I Also implemented a query filter, as seen in one of your videos on a none related tables scenario, on the dataset parent table, so that the users need to do a search in order to have the data loaded. The Form will load empty and all works fine but for the child data as i can't find a way on how to display it.

    Will appreciate any help on this one!

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Beth Messi,

         I watched out ur videos it helped me very much.... i want ur help...! i want to know  how to make a trial version exe in vb.... or how to make an exe that requires a password always after 30 days...


    Mohammad Saddam

  • Hello Beth thanx for for a whole lot of tutorials well i have created a database wanna know what to do to deploy them so that users in my network can update data from them

  • hi beth very very thanks for this teach nice teach i like your away of the learning .in one word .thanks

  • hello Beth how can you store data in a database using forms

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