“How Do I” Videos for Visual Studio 2010

“How Do I” Videos for Visual Studio 2010

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If you haven’t seen these yet, various members of the languages team have released some How Do I videos on Visual Studio 2010 including new language features in Visual Basic 10 and C# 4.

  1. How Do I: Use Autoimplemented Properties in Visual Basic?
  2. How Do I: Use Implicit Line Continuation in Visual Basic 10?
  3. How Do I: Use Highlight References in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE?
  4. How Do I: Use Code Snippets in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE?
  5. How Do I: Use Generate from Usage in Visual Studio 2010?
  6. How Do I: Enhance Performance in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE when Editing VB Code?
  7. How Do I: Step with The Debugger in Visual Studio 2010?
  8. How Do I: Use Named and Optional Parameters in C# 4.0?
  9. How Do I: Use COM Interop and Office in C# 4.0?

We also just released a good video from Rob Windsor, Visual Basic MVP who demonstrates many of the new language features of Visual Basic 2010 including: array and collection initializers, statement and multi-line lambdas, automatic properties, and much more! Check out What’s New in Visual Basic 2010?  

And don't forget to check out the VS 2010 code samples and walkthroughs.


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  • i like Beth Massi

    how i can get more videos?

    more details

  • Hi bilal,

    Check out the How Do I video page here:




  • Hi Beth,

    i'm interested on data-based Windows Application development and i like Forms over Data Video Series.

    but i'm looking for more video for advance user not beginner user.


  • Hi Bilal,

    Check out http://windowsclient.net/learn/videos.aspx for more Winforms videos.



  • i liked  your blog a lot ,  i can't afford  thanking  you enough for the effort you are doing in here

    yours truely


  • Hi, Beth!

    I want you know the 6th video ("How Do I: Enhance Performance in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE when Editing VB Code?") doesn't work: it doesn't play in the web page and it isn't downloadable in a useful form...   :-(


    Mario (from Italy)

  • Hi Mario,

    Sorry about that. I've reported the problem to MSDN site management. You should be able to download the video in a variety of other formats though.

  • Thank you Beth Massi for help everyone in Visual Studio from yours Vedios

  • Thank you very much for video.

    With my best wishes

  • How do I change languages in Visual Studio

  • How do I switch between languages

  • Is there a beginning tutorial on how to use the VS Tools for Office?

  • Hi Nette,

    I'd recommend this step-by-step tutorial series:


    Even though it was developed with Visual Studio 2008, the concepts will be the same if you are working with Visual Studio 2010.

    Also check out the resources available on the VSTO Dev Center (http://msdn.com/vsto). I'd expecially recommend the "Getting Started" sections of the Learn page:


    Have Fun!


  • I have a problem with VS2008 report writer. I have read through several suggestion about using stored procedures and they have been very useful. I have finally gotton an output but a new problem arose, it did not display all of the output records. Is there anything i have done wrong? please I need help urgently.

  • Hi Phil,

    I suggest you ask your question in the reporting forum, since there are a lot more experts there:


    Make sure to provide the appropriate debugging information and code so folks can help you quicker.

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