“How Do I” Videos for Visual Studio 2010

“How Do I” Videos for Visual Studio 2010

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If you haven’t seen these yet, various members of the languages team have released some How Do I videos on Visual Studio 2010 including new language features in Visual Basic 10 and C# 4.

  1. How Do I: Use Autoimplemented Properties in Visual Basic?
  2. How Do I: Use Implicit Line Continuation in Visual Basic 10?
  3. How Do I: Use Highlight References in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE?
  4. How Do I: Use Code Snippets in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE?
  5. How Do I: Use Generate from Usage in Visual Studio 2010?
  6. How Do I: Enhance Performance in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE when Editing VB Code?
  7. How Do I: Step with The Debugger in Visual Studio 2010?
  8. How Do I: Use Named and Optional Parameters in C# 4.0?
  9. How Do I: Use COM Interop and Office in C# 4.0?

We also just released a good video from Rob Windsor, Visual Basic MVP who demonstrates many of the new language features of Visual Basic 2010 including: array and collection initializers, statement and multi-line lambdas, automatic properties, and much more! Check out What’s New in Visual Basic 2010?  

And don't forget to check out the VS 2010 code samples and walkthroughs.


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  • Hi Beth, I really like you a lot. Few are those who like to help others.

    Thanks again Beth for all the cool videos series

  • Hello! Beth, I read your explanation video, very good ! I hope you can come to Sina open microblogging (http://t.sina.com.cn/yncrilp )I want to learn more knowledge you ................

  • Dear Massi ,

    I thank you for your videos this is a good school for me .

    I am a beggener in microsoft science and I am learning more just as I wacht your videos.

    thanks a lot


  • Great work, I love your videos

  • Thank you Beth Massi

    i was following your videos of how to make Database system using Visual Basic 2005

    can you please lead me for the newer version of that video series ?

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