DevTeach Here I Come!

DevTeach Here I Come!

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I’m heading up to Toronto this week for the DevTeach conference! I’ve spoken at DevTeach every time except for the very first one. This is a great Canadian conference that really brings a bunch of awesome speakers in our industry into a more intimate setting than say a TechEd. Check out all the sessions here. This year there’s a SharePoint track that I’m really excited about.

I’m doing the keynote this time and I’m going to make an attempt at showing off some of the awesome new features in Visual Studio 2010. I’ve got some IDE tricks up my sleeve and I’ll walk through some language, parallel, data, WPF and SharePoint tools and features. I can’t hit everything because there’s so much packed into Visual Studio 2010 that it would take a full day to explore, but hopefully this gets people excited enough attend the rest of the sessions to learn more. My sessions tend to be pretty demo-heavy so look for less than 15 minutes of Keynote slides and the rest of the time I’ll be wowing the crowd (at least I hope) with real demos. I want to get the crowd PUMPED UP so if I have to put on my tap shoes so be it. ;-)

I’m also doing a session on VB 10 & C# 4 new language features and a session on building on Office and SharePoint that should be a lot of fun.

Hope to see you there!

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  • Hi Beth,

    Is it true what I heard a while ago about the VB and C# dev teams hooking up in an effort to balance the features and power of each respective language more equally?

    I hear it all the time from people in the C# community that VB is rubbish because it doesn't have the power that C# has.

    You'd be surprised how many folks in the Open Source community (of which I am also a part) prefer C# over VB too...

    Keep well!!!


  • I have a question on whether Sharepoint is really a good return on investment?  It's easy to install but just very hard to manage successfully in terms of permissions, backups, and general productivity.

    I never liked frontpage since it's devs tried to make frontpage permissions compete with NTFS permissions. Sharepoint just seems to be frontpage on steroids.

    And for rollouts we either do something easy and organic that has a lot of navigation,permissions, and different levels of usage to it, or we bite the bullet and spend an awful lot of money, effort, and development on somethign that will rigidfy our intranet and make it harder to do 2.0.  I don't see a positive cost effective strategic outcome for sharepoint installations.

    If we want blogs wordpress is better

    If we want search google is better

    If we want discussions phpbb is better

    Mobile support isn't there

    No facebook, twitter etc.

    What I would need to see is the top 10 blackbox sharepoint apps that cost under $10,000 and will be productive out of the box for me.  And I've asked around.

  • Hi Logan,

    Check out this post from the PUM of VS Languages:

  • Hi Ben,

    Here are a couple of case studies we have right now on SharePoint you can check out:

    What you are asking though really depends on what type of app you want to build. SharePoint Foundation 2010 offers improved features for all the areas you mentioned, such as coordinating schedules, organizing documents, and having discussions through team workspaces, blogs and wikis. Check out the product documentation here:

    The even better news is that SharePoint 2010 has a great developer story (since you are reading my blog I assume you are a developer) and can be easily customized through SharePoint designer (which is free) or Visual Studio 2010.

    So if you don’t like the out of box features, you can customize them. I'm just learning all these myself. You might want to hit up the SharePoint team blog here: and/or visit the developer center:



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