Updated blog platform for MSDN & TechNet blogs

Updated blog platform for MSDN & TechNet blogs

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Well it looks like the dust has finally settled from the huge blog migration here at Microsoft and comments are flowing again. You’ll notice most blogs have changed their look and feel and have some cool new features. Although I’m not so keen on the themes we get (totally plain or hard to read are the choices so I picked totally plain look for now) there are some nice things about the new platform.

For instance, I like the way I can completely control the right rail now, and I also like the social sharing at the bottom of each post before the comments.

I tried to keep the same features we had before (comments, about, contact me forms) but let me know if you miss something and I’ll see what I can do. Also if any of you are CSS wizards out there and want to spruce up my blog for me, let me know. :-)


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  • Hi Beth,

    Plain is right, but I like the simplicity of it. Just 1 problem though. It's too wide.

    I'd increase padding on the left margin by another 5px and bring in the right margin a bit too. Best way I can describe what I'm seeing is with the Sign In link, I just See "Sig".

    I'll play around with some CSS and see if I can come up with something nice.

    Best regards,


  • woot, I like it! xD

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