Channel 9 Interview: Multi-Targeting Deep Dive

Channel 9 Interview: Multi-Targeting Deep Dive

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Multi-targeting support in Visual Studio allows you to target your applications onto different versions of the .NET Framework. The idea is that you as the developer can move to the latest version of your development environment, Visual Studio, without having to force your users to upgrade to a new version of the .NET Framework. This has been supported since Visual Studio 2008, but have you ever wondered how we get multi-targeting to even work in Visual Studio?

Spotty Bowles, a tester on the VB compiler team, shows us the ins and outs of how multi-targeting works in Visual Basic projects in Visual Studio 2010 in this Channel 9 interview:

Channel 9 Interview: Multi-Targeting Deep Dive with Visual Basic 2010

What's tricky in Visual Studio 2010 is that there are now two supported versions of the CLR. Spotty shows us how to work with client and full framework profiles in Visual Studio, as well as what happens at runtime when referenced class libraries target a different profile. He also shows us how to use some of the new VB10 language features when down targeting to 2.0, and how to specify down targeting from the build command line.

For more information, check out Spotty's article in MSDN magazine:
Multi-Targeting Visual Basic Applications in Visual Studio


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  • The beta VS2010 could not target 3.5 on a 64 bit dev OS no matter what target CPU that was set, has that been fixed?

  • I'm not sure of that specific issue - but I can say that on 64 bit OS Win7/2k8R2 you are able to downtarget.   You may generate a few warning because of references which don't target the same CPU ie.  if your assembkly is specifically targeting AMD64 and these references were compiling "Any CPU".  (Such as  but the apps will work just fine as this is a warning.

    If you are not seeing the downtargets at all then this is likely to be that you do not have 3.5SP1 installed.   If you only have 3.5 RTM installed then this will not show.

  • Target CPU: x86, target Framework: 3.5. I have 2.0, 3.5SP1 and 4 installed. My CPU x64 intel i7 920.

    'RexXtoResources.exe has stopped working' error on building the application in VS2010 Beta 2. The apps is a new apps with nothing at all added, not even 'hello world!'

    I just wanted to know if the final release VS2010 will suffer that same problem as I'll be buying it soon if so.



     Stopped working

    Problem signature:

     Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

     Application Name: ResGen.exe

     Application Version: 3.5.30729.1

     Application Timestamp: 488ef96f

     Fault Module Name: unknown

     Fault Module Version:

     Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000

     Exception Code: c0000005

     Exception Offset: 000000006fff0420

     OS Version: 6.1.7600.

     Locale ID: 2057

  • Nige,

    There were numerous fixes between Beta 2 and RTM. I would install the 90-day Trial verison of Visual Studio 2010 before you buy:



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