LightSwitch Beta 1 Available to MSDN Subscribers Today, General Public on Monday

LightSwitch Beta 1 Available to MSDN Subscribers Today, General Public on Monday

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We just released Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 1 to MSDN subscribers. Public availability will be this Monday, August 23rd but if you are an MSDN subscriber visit your subscriptions page to get access to the download now. Otherwise check the the LightSwitch Developer Center on Monday for the public download.

Here are some resources to help get you started -- we have a lot more for you on Monday via the Dev Center so stay tuned!

We're looking forward to your feedback, please visit the forums.

I have to say I have been having a ball creating How Do I videos for LightSwitch this week and exploring and learning the product. We're planning on a re-vamp of the LightSwitch Dev Center on Monday and the videos (plus a lot of other content) will be available at that time with links to the public download when available.

Cant wait!

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  • Hello Beth, Finally it is available now!

    Unfortunely I see that the installer is a web launcher.

    I need to download a full installer because I'll play with it on my laptop tonight and I do not have a net connection on it. Do you have a link for that Beth? Thanks.

  • Hi PB Programmer,

    Yes you can use the Bing map Silverlight control. Check out the training kit for an example. You can download the training kit in step 4 on the developer center.

    Have fun!


  • Hi aderegil,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Right now we only have the web installer available publically however if we have more people request the full install we will make the ISO image available. I've contacted the release team and will let you know.

  • Lightswitch is great. But I could not find anyway to manuplate editorrs i.e. can i disable/enable any editor depending upon user input.

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