New LightSwitch Video on Deployment Just Released

New LightSwitch Video on Deployment Just Released

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We just released another new “How Do I” video on the LightSwitch Developer Center:

#12 - How Do I: Deploy a Visual Studio LightSwitch Application?

This video compliments the following articles:
Deployment Guide: How to Configure a Machine to Host a 3-tier LightSwitch Beta 1 Application
Implementing Security in a LightSwitch Application

If you missed the rest of the video series, check out the rest that are available on the LightSwitch Developer Center Learn page: 


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  • Hi Beth,

    Thank you very much for your wonderful videos, I have learned so many things from "windows forms over data series" and all 12 lightswitch.

    I have problem with writing code in C# for this video "passing parameters".

    especially for "OrderHeaderCollection_Changed", C# does not provide me a method for this issue. How should I use the event? Should I write a delegate? and how?

    Thanks again for your concise and so helping videos.

    God Bless You.

  • Hi,

    Im having the same problem as peyman. Are there any LightSwitch videos for C#?

    Thank you!

  • @peyman, @san_pedro In C# these are not listed in the editor unfortunately. On the screen designer just select the OrderHeaderCollection query listed on the left side and then drop down the "Write Code" button at the top of the designer and you will see the OrderHeaderCollection_Changed method.



  • Hi Beth,

    How do I print an invoice or other document with Lightsvitch?

    Whether to have their own Lightswitch Report?

    Thank You.

  • Hi Slavko,

    There are a variety of methods you can use to print data. You can use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) if you need to create numerous reports that need to scale to many users -- this is a backend solution and there is a free version of SSRS. For a simpler client-side solution you can either create a custom control or you can use Word to create reports with flexible templates. See:



  • Just Like peyman

    God Bless You.

    "Haaaaaaay i'm beth messi" :) (i say hi too, when i hear your voice)

    and one request: is it possible to add "Persian" or "Farsi" to supported cultures??? (just like sql 2008).


  • How Do   mack  Add Records and after braes save the field bake clear agen for new entry in a LightSwitch

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