Channel 9 Interview: Walkthrough of a Real-World LightSwitch Application

Channel 9 Interview: Walkthrough of a Real-World LightSwitch Application

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In this video, I interview a couple of LightSwitch team members, Mike Droney (Tester) and Sheel Shah (PM), as they walk me through a real application that was built for our Admins in order to track hardware assets across the developer division. Mike and Sheel talk about the requirement gathering and development processes as well as some of the advanced features of the application. They were able to build a working prototype in no time and then used an iterative development approach to add more and more features that users wanted. LightSwitch let them concentrate on business value and user productivity and not worry about any of the plumbing required to build a modern Silverlight, n-tier application with a lot of advanced features including a generic report builder.


Watch: Walkthrough of a Real-World LightSwitch Application used at Microsoft

(Tip: To see the application & code better watch the High-quality WMV instead)

Their application is based on LightSwitch Beta 2, which is available for the public to download today! To access the download & start learning LightSwitch please visit the LightSwitch Developer Center.  And for more LightSwitch resources please visit the LightSwitch Team Blog and ask questions in the LightSwitch Forums.


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  • Hi, thanks for yours great B2 :-), I just carefully reviewed again all "How Do I" videos, leaving this real-world walkthrough to tommorow, hoping even much much more development fun.

  • Have fun!

  • Any chance we could get a hold of those AWESOME EXTENSIONS that Mike and Sheel wrote?

  • @JmanleyWI - YES! I've been nagging them all week. ;) Sheel needs to clean up the code a bit. Stay tuned. We have a couple other samples that we'll release very soon as well.

  • Hi Beth

    Congratulations for the good quality content and explanatory videos.

    Furthermore, I suggest a few things:

    • I speak Spanish and try to understand English but you talk too fast, much easier to come down a bit rate of speech.

    • In the explanatory documents would be very helpful gave us the project that you realize it, that way if your project generates error can compare to yours and find a solution.

    • On the subject of reports Lightswitch, but has done an excellent job showing how to generate them using Word, but it is too complex compared to the presentation of a facility that has given Lightswitch. So I think that is not the form or the appropriate tool for this task. Everything in its own. So I suggest you take the use of tools developed specifically for the work that Microsoft already has in the market as "Report Builder 3.0" for more information see:

    Thanks again for your effort to convey much useful knowledge.

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