Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 RTM is Here – We made it!

Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 RTM is Here – We made it!

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As Jason Zander and the LightSwitch Team just announced, we released Visual Studio LightSwitch today, whoohooo! It’s been a long, fun road to our final release and we are so excited to get this into your hands today! I am personally excited about this product and the community that is building around it. Congrats to the LightSwitch team and a special thanks to the entire community for their support! I will continue to do my best helping the community and providing technical learning content so tune into my blog here as well as the newly updated Dev Center, your one-stop-shop for everything LightSwitch:

Visit the LightSwitch Developer Center

Visual Studio LightSwitch is the newest edition of the Visual Studio family and is the simplest way to build business applications for the desktop and the cloud. For the end-user developer this means you can quickly create professional quality business applications with minimal code. For the professional developer you can customize LightSwitch with your own code, controls and even build extensions that can add more capabilities than what you get out of the box. Check out the resources below for more information.


MSDN Subscribers can install LightSwitch from the subscription site. Everyone else can download the trial version here and on Thursday you will be able to purchase LightSwitch. Please see the installation notes on the LightSwitch Team blog and the official readme.

Learning Resources

Check out these learning resources, samples and starter kits to kick start your LightSwitch application development.

Get an Overview of LightSwitch Get an Overview of LightSwitch

Watch the LightSwitch How Do I VideosWatch the instructional LightSwitch "How Do I?" videos

Build LightSwitch Applications Learn how to build LightSwitch Applications

Download Starter KitsDownload Starter Kits

Download Code SamplesDownload Code Samples

Community Resources

Interact with the LightSwitch Community on our forums, blogs and social sites.

Ask Questions in the Forums

Read the official LightSwitch Team Blog

Become a LightSwitch Fan


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  • Beth--  Congratulations to the LightSwitch team.  It's a fantastic business product.  Thank you to everyone who helped create it.  Been playing with the beta and will purchase the LS 2011 on Monday when it's available.  Also wanted to thank you, Paul Patterson, Robert Green, Sheel Shah, and others who have been putting out training videos and tutorials (especially the ones in VB!).  

  • Thanks for the kind words Micah! You will be able to purchase LightSwitch on Thursday the 28th :-)

    Have fun!

  • Hi Beth,

    Meanwhile, I apologize for bad English

    congratulations from me to all those who have committed to provide a well-done, in my opinion since the beta versions, will be undoubtedly a fantastic product.

    Thanks again to you and Beth to Microsoft.

    Carmelo La Monica

  • Thank you for helping me to learn VB

  • Beth, because of its content, feel free to delete this comment or not post it at all after you read it.  

    I have a Win7 machine with SQL Server 2008, Blend 4, VS 2010, and I keep the machine up to date and in good working order.  

    Purchased and downloaded LS 2011 and have spent a very long time trying to install it.  It will not install because of WCF RIA Services (various messages or sometimes no specific cause given).  I went through this recently with LS beta 2.  Eventually (after days of trying), I finally got it to work.  

    Now it's the same thing.  Have read all the MSDN forums, etc.  They've been no help.  Have installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled it many, many times.  I've read the logs, disabled the firewall and anti-virus, restarted between installs and uninstalls, tried both the exe and iso installations, used third-party programs to uninstall items and to clean the registry, and all the other things that have worked for me in the past.  I could probably put it into a VM, but I don't want it there.  

    Anyway, because it's unlikely, I don't expect you to provide an answer that would help me solve this problem.  I'll going to--again--uninstall everything and go through it all to try to get this to work.  

    My message though is that someone needs to resolve this installation problem with WCF RIA Services, because--as stated--this has happened before and RIA Services is the culprit.  If part of the targeted group for LS is non-devs, you're not going to have that group spend days just trying to install the program.  

  • Hi M - Did you post this in the forums? There are a lot of team members there that can help trouble-shoot. Ususualy we just need to look at your install log.

    We've been seeing some issues with users that already have VS2010 Pro or higher already installed and have been using other versions of Silverlight & RIA services. It's usually a compatibility mismatch somewhere. So users who install just the LightSwitch edition have no problems because the install is clean.

    Don't worry we'll get this resolved in the forums.

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