MSDN Magazine: Programming Made Easy with Visual Studio LightSwitch

MSDN Magazine: Programming Made Easy with Visual Studio LightSwitch

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The August issue of MSDN Magazine is out and it features a couple Visual Studio LightSwitch articles you should definitely check out. LightSwitch is a new product in the Visual Studio family aimed at developers of all skill levels who want to quickly create data-centric business applications for the desktop, Web and cloud.

The first one by Robert Green is a good overview of the development experience and capabilities of LightSwitch:

Build Business Applications with Visual Studio LightSwitch
In this article Robert shows you how LightSwitch simplifies the development process because it does most of the development work for you. You don’t need to write code to interact with databases and you don’t need to manually lay out screens. You can concentrate on the business logic.

The second one (written by yours truly) is aimed at the professional developer looking to customize their LightSwitch applications with more advanced features:

 Advanced Programming Made Easy With Visual Studio LightSwitch
In this article I’ll show you how to work with LightSwitch APIs, create custom screen layouts, use advanced query processing, write complex business rules, and use and create LightSwitch extensions. You’ll see that programming even the more advanced features of a LightSwitch business application is simplified dramatically because LightSwitch handles all the plumbing for you.


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  • Beth, did somebody prepare the blog entry for you? The second article is written by you, but you refer to it by "yours truly" as if somebody else sent you the post :)

  • can you help me to enable/disable JIT debugging because i dont know how to enable/disable JIT debugging ...

  • @Holger Flick - LOL What do you mean? "Yours" truly means "me" :-) Of course I wrote this post I'm the only one that has access to my blog ;-)

  • Beth I really like your video tutorials Is there any chance you could show one on oilfield programming

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