LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup–September

LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup–September

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Now that the Visual Studio LightSwitch community is really growing I thought I’d start posting some of the cool articles, videos, samples and extensions I find each month. What’s great about a blog post is if I miss something you can just add it to the comment thread below :-). First off, here are the LightSwitch team “hangouts” where you can get training, ask questions, and interact with the LightSwitch team. The biggest one of course is:


LightSwitch Developer Center

This is your one-stop-shop to training content, samples, extensions, documentation, podcasts, a portal to the forums, community, and much more. All of the team content is aggregated onto this site, and we also aggregate all the community submitted extensions and samples. It’s the first place you should go if you’re just learning LightSwitch. Also here are some other biggies:

LightSwitch MSDN Forums
LightSwitch Team Blog
LightSwitch on Facebook
LightSwitch on Twitter (@VSLightSwitch, #VisualStudio #LightSwitch)


Community Sites

There’s some great sites that I know about that have some awesome LightSwitch content run by MVPs and community rock stars that you should check out often. We wouldn’t be anywhere without passionate people like you! Anyone else running a community site or forum for LightSwitch out there? Post a comment below and I’ll include you!

Most Popular Team Content

I figure since I just started this series it would be good to pop in here some of the highest viewed content we have to date. There’s a TON of stuff out there especially on the Developer Center Learn section where we continuously aggregate blog articles, videos and library documentation but here’s some good stuff to check out if you missed it.

You can also take a look at the most popular samples and most popular extensions. We also had a lot of magazine articles, videos and podcasts released in August to check out.

Notable Content this Month

I know the month’s not quite over but I like to get posts out before Europe goes off partying for the weekend ;-). I’ll scoop up anything else for next month. Here’s some of the fun things the team and community has been doing. Check out the 19 FREE extensions released just this month!

FREE Extensions (see all of them here):




Conferences Coming Up

Here some conferences and big code camps coming up soon that have LightSwitch presence. More details on the SoCal and Silicon Valley code camps here.

Join Us!

I’m sure I missed some great stuff so help me out! The community is world-wide and I don’t see everything. What’s really helpful is that the community has been using the hash tag #LightSwitch on twitter when posting stuff so it’s easier for me to catch it. Join the conversation!


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  • Hi Beth,

    Here are two more blogs worth mentioning.  (Jan Van Der Haegen)    (Tim Leaung)

  • Thanks Beth! I was already keeping a list using my blog, but this makes life easier!

  • Hi Beth,

    thanks for you post, as usual is very very useful, and I appreciate it very much!

    BUT, yes there is a "but", rather than for me. In fact I usually print the post (I'm not english, so it's much handy for me to print-out the content for best reading), but I have some problems with the margin, pratically when I print (I use Internet Explorer, but is the same with other browser) the print itself is cuts in the left and in the right margin. From other blogs I don't have this problem. Can you help me with this little trick?

    Once again: thank you very much for your work!

    Mauro Bis

  • Here is another.

    From William Stacy :

  • @PowerBala - THANKS!

    @Maurio - I just picked a basic template from MSDN so I'm not sure what I can do. I'll see if I can mess with the CSS when I have some time.

  • @Bala - thanks for mentioning my blog :)

    Once my book project is finished, I'll look forward to being able to blog a bit more.


  • Can I add one more free set of extensions to your list? I only published these two days ago, but have already updated and expanded them a few times! There are now eight controls in the collection, including a static image viewer (really, really easy way to show static images, no code or screen properties needed) that includes options to customise the border and/or a drop shadow, static and data-bound stylable label control, a labelled group control, dividers, a spacer and a few more.

    Please see for the full description.

    Thanks for the round-up, very useful!

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