"What’s New with LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11" Recording Available

"What’s New with LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11" Recording Available

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On Friday last week I delivered a webcast on the new LightSwitch features in Visual Studio 11 beta. I think it went pretty well considering it was the first time I had done the session end-to-end :-). You can now view the webcast recording here:

Download: What's New with LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11
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In the session we built an application called “Media Mate” that connects to the Netflix OData source to keep track of favorite movies and music. I showed off new features around all our OData work like how to consume external OData services. I also demonstrated how LightSwitch creates its own OData services adhering to your business rules and security settings so that other clients on different platforms can access your middle-tier easily and securely. I showed off some of the new UI enhancements and business types as well as some of the new deployment enhancements. I attached the presentation slides to the bottom of this post.


One demo hiccup happened where I messed up the search ability over the Netflix data. Doh! What I ended up doing is unchecking the IsSearchable property on the Title entity in the data designer which subsequently disabled the searching on the screen. So it was user error, not a beta bug ;-). At any rate, I think folks got the point. By the way, there are a lot of things you can do to improve search query performance in LightSwitch and I’ll follow up with a post about that soon.


I also demonstrated the updated Contoso Construction sample that you can download here:

Contoso Construction - LightSwitch Advanced Sample (Visual Studio 11 Beta)

For more information on the new features I demonstrated please see:

Also don’t forget to visit the LightSwitch Developer Center, your one-stop-shop for learning all about LightSwitch.


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  • Hi Beth,

    We are building a Business Application using Light Switch. 200 or more clients are going to use this Application as a individual Installation in their systems. We want to sync all these clients data to main server (sql Azure) to access their data online or providing some access to their customers. Could you please suggest the best sync framework - Two Way ( Odata Sync / SQL Express to SQL Azure as we are hoting the main database sits in SQL Azure)  As light switch supporting OData can we have any sample application or links to Odata Syns frame work using LS.

    Please suggest the best methodology.


    Rama Dwarapudi


  • Hi Rama,

    I'm not an expert on Azure data sync technologies. You'll probebly want to ask your question in the Azure forums. There are many threads about the SQL Azure data sync here:




  • Is it possible to make entities inheritance in LightSwitch?

    Say I have Person and Company, both inherit from Contact, I want some screens (the master) to expose some common fields of both types, ITOH, on the individual screens (detail) I'd want to use different screens/layouts according to the selected item type in the master.

    Is the above scenario covered in LightSwitch 10/11?

  • Hi Shimmy,

    Take a look at this post, hopefully it will answer your questions:




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