.NET Rocks! Podcast: Beth Massi Builds Apps with LightSwitch in Studio 11

.NET Rocks! Podcast: Beth Massi Builds Apps with LightSwitch in Studio 11

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Check it out, I’ve got another podcast with Richard and Carl this time talking about the new features in LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11. I always have a ton of fun talking with these guys and you can tell I’m super excited about the next version of LightSwitch.

Show #769: Beth Massi Builds Apps with LightSwitch in Studio 11

Carl and Richard talk to Beth Massi about the latest incarnation of LightSwitch. In 2011 LightSwitch shipped as a separate install, but the upcoming version of LightSwitch is part of every SKU of Studio 11. Beth talks about how LightSwitch has evolved to be an awesome consumer and creator of data, making it simple to create oData interfaces over anything. The conversation also digs into the role of Silverlight, the evolution of the client and how LightSwitch makes apps in the cloud much simpler.


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  • Dear Beth!

    I would be great if the Entity Framework team includes OO inheritance information when using code first

    - either in a relation's properties or

    - in the EF metadata table (which currently contains a hash value only).

    Lightswitch could then use this information to create code that mirrors the original object graph in memory from where the DB was derived. Both ways use existing data structures and should be easy to implement.

    Another idea to solve the missing inheritance information is the use of reflection, by which Lightswitch reads the .Net classes and if those classes match a DB table, it uses the additional information obtained by reflection to supplement the information that was lost using EF Code First.

    I do not favor this idea, because it requires the class sourcecode or assembly to be in synch with the DB. Synch is never a good idea compared to a single source of information.

    TPC is not a replacement for true inheritance, neither is TPC/TPT.

    At least this is what my students recommend after a few months of working with Code First and Lightswitch as a tool set. The basic idea: concentrate on your domain knowledge. Treat EF CF and LS simply as tools that speed up development significantly.

    What do you think about the combination EF CF - LS ?

    thank you very much, herbert

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  • Good one.

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