LightSwitch IIS Deployment Enhancements in Visual Studio 2012 – Updated

LightSwitch IIS Deployment Enhancements in Visual Studio 2012 – Updated

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I just updated my LightSwitch IIS Deployment Enhancements in Visual Studio 2012 post to coordinate with the Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate and the Windows Azure SDK for .NET.

LightSwitch has a new publishing wizard in the new Azure SDK which makes it much easier to publish to Azure Cloud Services and also supports the new Azure Web Sites platform. For more info on Azure publishing see Brian’s post on the LightSwitch Team blog: Publishing LightSwitch Apps to Azure with Visual Studio 2012


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  • Hello I am working with silverlight and I need to implement three button message box (Yes, Next, Cancel)I can not find anywhere how to do it.I have only MessageBoxButton.OKCancel available.

    Please, help me with that.



  • After installing the Windows Azure SDK for .NET 1.7 (, more specifically portion of it for the Windows Azure Tools for LightSwitch for Visual Studio 2012, I can no longer Publish a LightSwitch application (non-Azure) to an IIS 6 server.  I receive the following message:

    Web deployment task failed.

    An error occurred when the request was processed on the remote computer.

    This provider requires that you use IIS 7.0 or higher on the source and destination servers.

    Is there a way to have this installed and still be able to target II6 for non-Azure LightSwitch applications?

  • Windows Azure SDK link got truncated:

  • Hi Beth, for some reason when i publish my lightswitch (html) app and run the commandline to deploy it to iis, once i do and then try to view it i get a not found error every time my app tries and make a call to the server side code. any idea why it would do that? is it because of how the files are structured? in iis?

  • You'll need to troubleshoot the exact error message. Here's how:

    I also recommend asking your question in the LightSwitch forum, there are a lot of folks there that should be able to help:



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