New LightSwitch VS 2012 “How Do I?” Videos Released!

New LightSwitch VS 2012 “How Do I?” Videos Released!

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Check it out! We just released a couple new videos on the LightSwitch Developer Center’s “How Do I?” video section. These videos continue the Visual Studio 2012 series where I walk through the new features available in LightSwitch in VS 2012.

How Do I: Perform Automatic Row-Level Filtering of Data?

In this video, see how you can perform row level filtering by using the new Filter methods in LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012. Since LightSwitch is all about data, one of the features we added in Visual Studio 2012 is the ability to filter sets of data no matter how or what client is accessing them. This allows you to set up system-wide filtering on your data to support row level security as well as multi-tenant scenarios.

How Do I: Deploy a LightSwitch App to Azure Websites?

In this video lean how you can deploy your LightSwitch applications to the new Azure websites using Visual Studio 2012. Azure Websites are for quick and easy web application and service deployments. You can start for free and scale as you go. One of the many great features of LightSwitch is that it allows you to take your applications and easily deploy them to Azure.




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  • how come I can't see ANY VIDEOS commercials, or view friends videos on FB, along time ago I DL The Wndows 8 preview, I had NO problems all of a sudden can't view any videos!!!  Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Hi Beth, thanks for the video. I was just developing a new application and created a couple of queries to filter by department. The filter worked fine (bound to a dropdownlist) untill they hit the add button (with a automagically generated "add new" screen) which show all the options.

    After watching the video, I removed all the queries, add the filter option (which now also works on the automagically "add new" screen).

    So I got rid of some code and it works better! Thanks again for the video!

  • Very cool Beth, thanks for the excellent work.  Do you have anything on working with LightSwitch and SharePoint Online?

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