Use Your MSDN Benefit to Convert Your Office 365 Developer Preview

Use Your MSDN Benefit to Convert Your Office 365 Developer Preview

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The easiest way to get started developing SharePoint apps with LightSwitch is to sign up for a free trial of an Office 365 Developer account at Because Office 365 has moved from preview to release, if you signed up for a preview account, you have until May 31st to convert it to a paid subscription. Doing so will save all your content.

You can use your MSDN subscription benefit to get a year free. Here’s a step-by-step slideshare by Randall Isenhour (@SharePointDev) from the Office content team.

I just converted mine and it took about 5 minutes.

For more details see the Apps For Office and SharePoint Blog:
Convert your Office 365 Developer Subscription Preview to a General Availability subscription to save your content


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  • I am fairly sure that Office has a spel chekker.  Is "singed up" korrek?

  • Is there any news on what will happen after a year is up, assuming I buy another years MSDN will I be able to redeem that for another year of the developer subscription?  Otherwise I'll just save it up in-case I need it in future :)

  • @LS - LOL. I'll ask if we can move our blogs to Office 365 ;-)

    @Simon - I'm not sure, good question. I'd ask in the apps forums:

    And if I find out, I'll post back here.

  • @Beth, thanks for having a sense of humor.  I appreciate all that you do.

  • Hi Beth,

    Where should I look for help if the steps in the slide deck go sideways?

    I had a trial Office365 Dev account and MSDN Premium and when I got to slide 19 in the conversion from trail to MSDN subscription, I got slapped in the face, and rejected sadly at the front door. Here is what I got, instead of the nice message inviting me to add the subscription to an existing account. Where to go???

    We're sorry, this offer is not available

    The offer you requested may not be available for one of the following reasons.

    •The subscription you want is no longer offered by Microsoft.

    •You can sign up for a trial only once and this is the second time that you are trying to sign up for the same trial.

    •You are requesting a beta or trial that has expired.

    •The invitation code has already been consumed or is no longer valid.

    For more information, contact the Microsoft partner that gave you the link to this offer.

  • @DRGleason - Sorry you're having trouble. I would ask in the official office apps forums here:

    If you're not getting a response there let me know and I'll try and track down someone here to help.


  • Thanks Beth, I will post in the apps forum as you suggest.

    For what it's worth, you and Michael Washington are the only reasons I have continued to pursue LightSwitch, as it would be much easier for me to cave-in to peer pressure at my office where the "standard" dev method is to use - MVC with JSON. I hang in there with LS because I truly believe you guys are onto something with LS.

    Instead of it being a trailing edge technology like Silverlight has become, it is leading/bleeding edge with the early adoption of OData/OAUTH/HTML-js and SharePoint. Just like Access which I developed business apps in daily from 1993 to 2012, I appreciate the value of a tool that leverages underlying technology, instead of writing to the underlying layer every time you want to prototype or POC an idea.

    If I had a "magic wand" though it would be used to "fix" the issues of using LS with SP 2013 though. My first test project was to do lookups in UserInformation collection for Department and Manager of AssignedTo User of Task lists, and well...that ended abruptly in a flaming death spiral...But, I am positive to a fault, so I will keep at it...Thanks!


  • @DRGleason -- Thanks for the support!

    I'm not quite clear on the problems you're having with SharePoint though. Can you start a thread in the LightSwitch forum explaining what you're trying to do and the result you're having and I'll make sure our SharePoint guys have a look.



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