Channel 9 Video: Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio

Channel 9 Video: Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio

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UPDATE 5/14/14: The team released a new preview this week! See:
New Preview of Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio

I was in Redmond last week so I grabbed the old pocket camera and a conference room for an off-the-cuff interview with Michael Zlatkovsky, a Program Manager on the Cloud Business Apps team. Michael shows me the new Office 365 APIs and tools for Visual Studio. The Office 365 APIs allow you to easily integrate Office 365 services into your apps in a consistent way. You can access user data like calendars, documents and more using REST APIs and standard OAuth flows from any platform.

Michael shows off the Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio which adds the ability to quickly integrate and get up to speed with these APIs from your ASP.NET and Windows 8.1 apps.

Watch: Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio

Special thanks to Robert Green who wrote the basis of the expense report app used in this demo. The original app can be found at


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  • It can be used for other applications such as aspx ??

  • Hi Luis,

    Sure! The O365 API is a REST-based API so you can easily access it from a variety of platforms, including non-Microsoft. For more information check out the docs:

    The trick is to set up an O365 developer account, see: and then you'll need to use the Azure portal to register your app to get the client ID and set permissions. This is what the Visual Studio tool does for you so elegantly. If you need to do it manually, see:

    Hope this helps!

  • Cool stuff, but could you guys use a better quality video next time?  Its hard to see the text in the video.

  • @drywaller79 - when you start the video, click the full screen icon on the bottom right and you should be able to see the text better. You can also click the "Watch" link I provided which will take you to the Channel 9 page where you can download higher quality recordings. Cheers!

  • Beth,

    Any chance Office 365 API Tools will be added to CBA Project Template?  We are working through complicated OAuth scenarios using TokenHelper class and it appears this may make things easier - more consistent.

    TIA, Josh

  • Hi Josh!

    Thanks for your interest. As we move from preview to release we have a lot of todo items as you can imagine. We definitely have this one on the CBA backlog and I'll let Michael know that customers like you are interested in this support.



  • Hi,

    > The trick is to set up an O365 developer account

    the Company - i work for and i got my MPN MSDN account - doesn't use any cloud things at all  (just on premise) so the O365 is not part of my MSDN but i have Azure Dev and Office 2013 on prem (dev) - and i just want to buy the SharePoint Plan 2 - is that possible with that combination as well ?

  • Is there a way to authenticate as an admin and do things to Exchange and SharePoint on behalf of users?

  • @Klaus @buzznut - I don't know the answers. But if you post a question on StackOverflow and tag it [Office365APIs] someone will get back to you.

    Also, if you haven't seen it, we updated the tools on Monday:

  • Can We Manage User in Office 360 using Visual Studio(Web Application) ?

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