.NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") for the Rest of Us

.NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") for the Rest of Us

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The .NET Compiler Platform (code named "Roslyn") is the next generation of the Visual Basic and C# .NET compilers. At BUILD 2014 Roslyn was released as an open source software project and the team is accepting contributions from the community.

In this interview I sit down with Dustin Campbell, a Program Manager on the managed languages team, and we talk about what Roslyn means for a .NET developer like myself. Even if you're not a compiler geek, Roslyn brings a ton of value to anyone writing VB or C# code. By making it much easier for partners to build amazing tools and for language and IDE features to get implemented much faster, developers everywhere will benefit from the faster innovation. Dustin also shows off some of the new IDE features like quick fixes and new refactorings that are available in the Visual Studio "14" CTP.  

For more information on Roslyn and to try it out, see "Installing the Preview" section of the Codeplex site at https://roslyn.codeplex.com/

Watch: .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") for the Rest of Us


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  • Nice!

  • Will Visual Studio 14 have the C# - VB translator showed in a past BUILD video? The video showed an "Paste as VB"/ "Paste as C#" option.

  • From the east to western mind,

    No ruby is like Roslyn.

    Her worth, being mounted on the bin,

    Through all the world build Roslyn.

    All the code is fairest lined

    Are but black to Roslyn.

    Let no app be kept in mind

    But the nuget Roslyn.

  • @Andre Silva - I've asked the PMs about this. It would be an awesome feature too! I think there's still work to do to get that to work. Here's the roadmap, feel free to join the discussion and let them know you want this: Roadmap: roslyn.codeplex.com/wikipage

    @As We Like It - Very creative! :-)

  • Awesome !  

  • Very good video and explanations! Thanks.

  • You had me at "Extract Method"...  Great work on the product and on the video. Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date.

  • The compiler is great. At the same time, the editor rewrite is taking from extensions like JustCode and ReSharper. About time!

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