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January, 2004

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    Reading technology books at the gym

    Ok, so I made these two New Year's resolutions: that I'd reduce the size of my butt and I'd increase the strength of my brain by learning more about and Longhorn. Mostly because I hate also sitting around (on my butt) feeling stupid in the presence...
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    This will tell you the kind of week it was

    I went to Anita Rowland's Blog Meetup Wednesday. Saw Robert Scoble. Saw a bunch of Microsoft bloggers actually who followed Scoble to this strange and kitschy bowling alley known as Leilani Lanes . (You must click on the Leilani link if only to see the...
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    Ah, people are settling into the new digs

    It's always been hard for me to proffer pearls of wisdom here - one, because I have to go find some pearls to proffer and two, because I never knew when I'll have to use my own blog as a test case for funky things we've done at Gotdotnet (now blogs.msdn...
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