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March, 2004

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    One blog list to rule them all, one list to find them :P

    Well, it's not as big as it could be, but the Microsoft Blogger's Index page on Gotdotnet is growing. Not to be confused with the list of bloggers . What's the difference, you ask? Gotdotnet's blog list used to be a list of just the...
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    Hair-tearing about user samples

    Yep. Today's Gotdotnet triumph is the Workspaces upgrade being complete, and its less than triumphant moments are with User Samples. We know, we know, we're looking into why they aren't processing through the tool in the right way. It's always something...
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    I need to blog, then eat

    I just said those immortal six words to my long suffering officemate, who runs the .NET Framework, ASP.Net, and Longhorn Developer Centers on MSDN . I don't actually place blogging before good food - if I did, you'd see a lot more posts from me ( Kent...
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    "Got Issues" in team review

    Hi y'all, The Got Issues Gotdotnet FAQ will be out by the end of the week; I'm just having the team review it before I make it public. I'm also hoping to get a widget on GDN that will let me do what Duncan Mackenzie does on his developer center which...
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    Got Issues? Check out the GotDotNet FAQ

    Well. No one on the GDN team complained. Except about other things. ;-) So I put the FAQ up, plain as it is. Even in the left navigation. I'm hoping this stems the tide for the poor folks who write me day after day about things that don't work as well...
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