Well, it's not as big as it could be, but the Microsoft Blogger's Index page on Gotdotnet is growing. Not to be confused with the list of blogs.msdn.com bloggers . What's the difference, you ask?

Gotdotnet's blog list used to be a list of just the folks blogging with BlogX on Gotdotnet. Then, some moved to other blogging locales and a vast majority of Microsoft bloggers moved to blogs.msdn.com. In doing so, that list went from being Gotdotnet-only to one of the more comprehensive references to Microsoft bloggers out there. (I think Netcrucible might have been the only major competition).

The bloggers running down the left side of blogs.msdn.com are not the comprehensive list of Microsoft bloggers either, just a listing of Microsoft bloggers on the blogs.msdn.com domain that have blogged recently.

Are we working on a comprehensive blogging list? yes. why don't we have it? well, herding bloggers is like herding very busy or reluctant mynah birds - there's a lot of talking and squawking. :D  And, some folks are finding they aren't keeping up the blogs as much as they want to, or are phasing them out, so listing in an official Microsoft list doesn't seem apropo. Or, they don't talk about technology enough that (they think) they aren't bloggy enough or something. I think I will write a whole post about Blog Stagefright someday.