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April, 2004

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    Called on the carpet

    You'd think perhaps the big buzz going around MSDN would be all our fabulous technology. You know, Longhorn. The latest developments in Whidbey. All that. I'm here to tell you that in the halls of our building, there is a truly Big Buzz. A buzz about...
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    Drinking about community, Part 1

    So last night my plan was simple - I was going to bring together Jas Sandhu, who works with the developer evangelism team, together with Justin Grant, our MSDN marketing mogul, and Sean Kollenkark, who is an MSDN pm that firmly believed I should talk...
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    What makes it "community" ?

    I've got two thoughts - like plates spinning on sticks - about community right now, and forgive me if I let either of them fly off like frisbees as I cogitate on this. I was recently asked to give input on community - not in my usual “Yee-haw...
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    Walking through the halls of MSDN!

    Heh! My officemate has her 15 minutes of fame on Channel 9 today! What I love about this whole video actually is how they capture things that you would not see, like our admin, a MSDN Directs meeting (the folks who report to our Product Unit Manager)...
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    Talk about the passion

    Ever have one of those moments where you panic upon waking and think you overslept? I did that, and then the feeling continued throughout the rest of today. Just too much going on. The morning was spent hanging out with a bunch of Xbox MVPs. Now, later...
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    Mighty Vivid People - MVPs at the Summit

    I've been on the run since the wee hours of the morning (7am MVP summit meeting) but I felt the need to blog about the MVP Summit . First of all, the summit's more intimate than PDC was. It's partly occurring on the Microsoft Redmond campus and also...
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    A girl made of millions of pixels of light

    Well, soon you'll see the real me, albeit very tiny, on MSDN . A preview of that photo is on Gotdotnet right now. And I should warn you that it isn't what I look like all the time, or even what I may look like a month from now. This version also makes...
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