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June, 2004

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    Drinking about Community, Part 2 and a word to the job seekers

    So last night was a continuation of the Drinking about Community Jas Sandhu and I pulled together before. I like how it's developing as an adhoc shindig (only when Justin Grant is in town, but the poor dude couldn't make it last night with last minute...
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    Making a self presentable

    Well, this blog posts finds our heroine in post-presentation stupor. I had to give a presentation yesterday on community for Microsoft Web professionals, introducing and explaining a little about the two Microsoft community Web sites - http://www.asp...
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    Whidbey, Wid B'

    Never go on a health food kick while your product team is launching - the pizza fumes alone are enough to make a grown woman cry. :-) There is a leaning tower of pizza boxes in the kitchen, and the recycle bins full of soda cans, and the congratulatory...
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    Alas, do you find my charm offensive?

    Recently a coworker pointed me to a column by Mary Jo Foley about Microsoft's community push, largely based on a chat with our very suave Olivier Ribet. It's nice to see the Microsoft-related communities page get some play in the press, and I've canoodled...
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