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July, 2004

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    Trying for brilliance, measuring for sanity....

    It's been a while since I posted...sorry about that. I don't normally post on Mondays but since I've missed a week, I felt it best to just dig in and let the brain juice separate from the brain pulp. (Did I mention it's HOT here in Seattle? We are melting...
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    Growing community and some random books I love that relate

    I was asked by the fellow who runs the site to tell him how to grow a community online, and while I gave him some tips via email I promised I’d be blogging about this very topic in the near future. So here it is. You’ll...
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    The Disorganized Disco Bandit

    Ever have one of those mornings where your right contact lens sticks to the roof of your eyelid, the coffee machine has to be re-pumped and re-primed before you get your brew, and civilization has devolved to conversing with your officemate through telepathic...
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