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August, 2004

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    Bad blogger, no biscuit (high protein, Atkins that is)

    I sit here typing, typing, with my cafeteria-bought chicken and broccoli/beans combo. I have had to repent of my bad girl ice cream ways (at least until the Long Weekend) and be good about my health regimen. The traditional food of code warriors: pizza...
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    Battening down the hatches and raising the ice cream bars

    Well, it's been another wacky week here at MSDN . Not to mention too darn hot. Have I mentioned that my brain melts in the heat? Thought so. One of the things I had to adjust to at Microsoft was the thing called an "OOF" mail, or the "out of office" autoreply...
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    The one time I didn't mind the sun was being bbqed at Scoble's

    It's a long and windy road to Robert Scoble's bbq . (That's long and windy, NOT long-er-winded.) But it ends with parking near a cul-de-sac and walking up to the front door and passing two little Sharper Image scooters prone on the grass, and stepping...
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    Community Compatriots Unite!

    We've had our first thankfully cool, overcast day here, and I finally feel like I can think again (anyone read Terry Pratchett ? and how his troll Detritus' brain functioned better when supercooled?... that's me. :-) ) Today I had a brief but touching...
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