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September, 2004

  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    Shout-out to Phil in Portland, and no I'm not really working on Labor Day

    I've been lucky enough in my lifetime to have people come up and say, "Hey, nice job Betsy!" or "that poem you just read at Bumbershoot rocked!" or even that highest of accolades, "Nice blog!" But I really never had a fan club until Phil Weber , an MVP...
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    Wonder of wonders

    You cannot imagine how good it feels to finally blog these words: the next generation of Smart Components are on MSDN ! These new dynamic modules expose Microsoft blog posts, MVP bios and blurbs, MVP-authored Knowledge Base articles. Next stop: Webcasts...
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    A great time among the women of Microsoft

    Sorry I'm so late in posting this - I had too many site management moments this week. It's really about last week's events. :P So I had a great time at the Microsoft Women’s Conference – it’s an internal, Microsoft-only event that "celebrates the role...
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