You cannot imagine how good it feels to finally blog these words: the next generation of Smart Components are on MSDN!

These new dynamic modules expose Microsoft blog posts, MVP bios and blurbs, MVP-authored Knowledge Base articles. Next stop: Webcasts and events.

Where can I find them, you ask?
Well of course my beloved community home page.

Then there are these champion sites:

- developer center home page and community page

Longhorn developer center (it doesn’t look different, but the code on the page is)

Office   (John Durant’s team working through great adversity)

Subscriptions (note the new blog of our very own MSDNer Mike Kinsman – not a smart component, just a smart cookie!)

Support   (this site manager went from newbie to component expert)
Windows Embedded  (Our MSDN site manager posted these through her own great adversity)

Big shout-out to the Community Platform team – George, Mike, Vikas, Kelly – who helped us get this show on the road. Big thank you to Duncan Mackenzie who helped me with the CSS issues.  

(Betsynote: sorry, had to re-edit the links here - some descriptions and locations got swapped)