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December, 2004

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    Turn of the tide

    So 2004 winds to a close. The devastation in Indonesia and Thailand beggars description (despite all the news commentators, who still find ways to talk about something that just leaves me speechless). Advances and retreats in medicine are announced every...
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    Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

    I was surprised a few years back when James, a friend of mine, introduced me to what looked like "Spam sushi" - nori seaweed paper rolled around sushi-vinegared rice and a big long hunk of spam. I made the normal protests ("I'm too hip and cool for this...
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    Tater Tots: food of the gods?

    I bet I know what you all are wondering about this week. You are wondering how, in this season of warmth, goodwill, and people scrambling to throw their software deliverables over the wall so they can start their vacations, what can Betsy possibly use...
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    Stable Strategies for Middle Management

    This morning, I was lucky enough (or crazy enough) to be allowed to co-present a Webcast with Robert Scoble to our UK evangelism team. These are folks that cover the IT Professional audience, and wanted a briefing on blogging and on how to use blogs.msdn...
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    Test Post for British Evangelists :)

    This is a test post, please ignore.
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    Try the penny sock market

    By now you've seen that spate of Rolex spam come and go; now apparently the new trend is about penny stocks. It's amazing to me how often spammers manage to perfectly nail some demographic that I don't partake in as a consumer (stranded in a foreign land...
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