Setting up for Student Day


Back of the student line filing into Student Day NZ

Paul Lo at the beginning of Student Day, with all screens going

So the bad news was - yet ANOTHER TechEd I have mislaid my credit cards/identification.

The good news is - just like the good folk of  Amsterdam - the good folk of Auckland prove their trustworthy nature and friendliness. After scouring the city for where I bought coffees and tour tickets, the goods ended up at a coffee place just by where I gave my speech. I tipped the barista extra for being so honest as to hold my items for me.

So whoever wanted to steal my backpack in Australia TechEd - well, too late, the curse/ritual has been fulfilled. I'm welding these cards and passport to my forehead or something.

I have no idea how the students felt, because I closed right on time without a lot of room for questions, but I felt better about this presentation than Amsterdam. First off, it was so chockfull of technical and blog promotional information, they should have felt the breeze blowing their hair back (or rather the hot air issuing from my mouth). Second, I'm starting to know this slide deck - like a pair of jeans you've worn through downpours and harsh sunny days, it's starting to fit me.

But who am I fooling? Perhaps the best advice I gave was "Don't blog drunk" which I believe was part of the podcast as well as the presentation.

I'm no Tony Goodhew  clearly. Today I saw a mob of students cluster round Tony in a manner that reminded me of the time I saw Don Box mobbed at PDC. He was talking about XNA and how it will change the process of creating a game, two students playing off each other a bit, and it was cool to watch. I took the Channel9 guy out drinking with Tony, Chris Auld (the fellow who did my podcast after my speech) and Brendon Ford.

More photos to come of course. Including a new saga of the Channel 9 guy.