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November, 2005

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    Gotdotnet, we suck less

    So it's been a mad rush since we went to Whidbey RTM bits and I know it scarred some of you, for which I have to apologize. There are some server rodeo rides in that deployment that I don't care to describe in too much detail. For all you guys trying...
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    Gotdotnet turns 5 and you are invited

    The Gotdotnet team is throwing a Birthday Party and all Gotdotnet users are invited! The party will occur at the Microsoft Visitor Center this Friday, November 18, 2005 between 6PM and 10PM. For more event details, see
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    Happy Birthday Whidbey!

    So, I have not blogged in forever. Years in Gotdotnet time, but over a month to the rest of you. :D Yes, I have aged. Pete has not aged, but he has also not slept. (Hey, that might be the secret! Just don't sleep...) Gotdotnet is currently launched...
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