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January, 2006

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    What if Gotdotnet had a deployment and nobody noticed?

    You might say this is tempting fate. You might say, Betsy, on a regular basis you spit into the wind, scratch your armpits at the mighty, laugh and try to drink Diet Coke at the same time.You walk the razor edge of sanity on regular basis. Why the heck...
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    Gotdotnet and the Pending or Stable Marriage Algorithm

    Over the weekend I was chatting with a developer friend of mine who told me about an algorithm he examined in one of his Computer Science classes at college. To quote the link he later sent me from Wikipedia: Given n men and n women, where each person...
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    Scoble and Rubel and Mini-Microsoft

    Everyone probably saw this over the holidays, but I only did this evening and I laughed til I cried. Mostly because Scoble is the least likely person I know of to pull a banana on someone... No, I don...
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    All that sticks for 2006

    Well, I've had 2 weeks off from work, one week of that spent seeing relatives, and the last week being sick, so you could argue I've been in an altered state....perhaps the perfect environment to look at the past year and the coming year, make pithy comments...
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    Duncan Mackenzie professes his love for the 9 Guy

    Well, not precisely. I ran into Duncan in the cafeteria today and he noted his last day was coming up at MSDN. Duncan I first met when I first came to MSDN a few years ago. Did I know he was an author or a guru? No, I just knew that he had some swag...
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    Author, author!

    This weekend was all about books. The big bash on Saturday was with Robert Scoble and Shel Israel celebrating their new book, Naked Conversations. I learned that not only can I make Mom proud by the fact I'm actually mentioned in their book, I got...
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