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April, 2006

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    What it's like to work for MSN Search?

    Well, it's different. First, the parking garage I park in looks EXACTLY like the parking garages in the old Duke Nukem. Remember that gray cement and Big Freakin' Fans? And stairwells? I'm hunting for the closet where they keep the digital rocket launchers...
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    Lookit who is on the home page of Channel 9! Eileen Brown!

    Check it out ladies and gents! Permalink: --Betsy
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    MSN Search and Me

    I blogged about it on the MSN Search blog briefly, but as part of the new Betsy world I will be assisting that team with their blog. There are about a bazillion pms in there working on all sorts of stuff and we need to talk more about it. This is a...
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    Passion and Teflon

    There are a couple of blogging discussions I see going on that have their own merits and are completely unrelated, yet rattling in my brain this week. 1) the Rory / Dare / Eric discussion I'll roughly call "Your passion underwhelms me/enthusiasthma...
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