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May, 2006

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    Purple fame, purple fame - the home page of Channel 9

    You could wonder why they picked May day (mayday!?!) to air my video on Channel 9 but since stuff goes on the home page all the time, if you don't find it there, here's the permalink . People have asked me what it's like to be interviewed by Channel...
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    Being agile, or at least, completely plucky

    Well, I was nosing around the blogs of my old team for auld lang syne's sake and ended up reading Doug Seven, the dev lead who frankly should have a role next to Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. I can totally see it, and he wants to hit me with...
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    Social Computing and WoW

    So, the brain is bending and buzzing and there's been too much caffeine in every single drink I've had today. That's my caveat. Thanks to the inestimable Liz Lawley , I was fortunate enough to attend the Social Computing Symposium sponsored by Microsoft...
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    LiveSide with a Twist

    Well, I got snagged for an impromptu community drinking thing with some other Microsoft folks and 3 guys (not from Rolla) from the Live Side : Kip Knusken, Harrison Hoffman and Chris Overd. I suspect there may have been more LiveSide folks there but we...
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    Shoutout to the new Live Crew

    So, I finally have enough bios live on the QnA Team Blog that I can at least start talking about the crazy posse I work with. At least beyond horrible cat emergency stories and ill fated drives in the eerie resonances. Also, I figure I've...
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