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July, 2006

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    Beyond Agile: Get Plucky!

    Since I last blogged about Agile I've been doing a lot of thinking about how some ad hoc project teams can come together swiftly and with great effect, and yet others will arrive ponderously to the scrum, Agile books in hand, and very little gets done...
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    BBQs and Goodbyes

    This weekend I got a chance to wish Maryam and Robert Scoble (along with hordes of other people from Gnomedex) well in their new life and Maryam's birthday. Despite the hint I made in a prior blog post, they were surprised when I handed them 2 of the...
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    QnA invites - all about Alex Barnett

    Alex seems to be doing well - I think he's finagled extra QnA invites from Krista - AND he's over his surgery. What does it mean when I barely found out from Alex he's back from the hospital, but the blogosphere has medical diagrams and intimate details...
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    Windows Live QnA invites courtesy of Alex Barnett

    Alex is running a little contest to give away some of the Windows Live QnA private beta invites we offer to "friends of friends." It gets you in faster than waiting on the waitlist, since we are still cycling through folks who enlisted months ago,...
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