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August, 2006

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    Taking suggestions on the mascot for QnA

    Every sports team has their mascot. Every high school gym has one emblazoned between the basketball hoops. Even Disney has their Duck (or Mouse, etc). While I love Norbert, the Cod of Conduct for QnA, he's not the sort to go to pep rallies and Tech...
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    I have been up since 6am, and went to bed late so am not as witty as I'd like to be. Go team!!!! Finally the cod of conduct gets an airing. See my better-written post at!2933A3E375F68349!367.entry ...
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    No wires for a wireless world

    So my pal Laura John, the one who got Norvin into tinfoil hattery, has a beta she'd like to advertise and snag new testers for: Laura's Blog Post The Amazing Stefan Weitz's post http...
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    Be Cod Compliant!!!!!

    Obey the Windows Live QnA Cod of Conduct! (and the Code of Conduct too) . ... Cheers to the Windows Live QnA beta testers, for whom I have drawn this fish.
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    Bagels and Beau

    This is a quick slice of life post - I'm working on the Windows Live QnA beta and don't have time to breathe - but today was an amazing morning. The sky which is highlighted in that odd fantastic Seattle gray - we are not frying like the rest of the...
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