Mostly, the summit tasted like coffee and tiramisu.

No, really. The morning sessions - which were all I got to see after a work issue on QnA called me back to the office - were all trying to wake up and get coffee in the veins.

Then it was work work work until dinner time - which I got to late, at 7:30 - the speaker dinner at Maggiano's.  I got to chat with Maryam Scoble - one of the powerhouses behind the conference - and conference organizer Steve Broback ( who frankly puts me to shame with his knowledge of local wines. I also met but didn't catch the name of a woman who works at DiStefano winery, talking about the blend of wines that go into  Meritage and the Syrah we were drinking.

Even though I am supposed to be on South Beach, I broke it gladly for the tiramisu. I talked with a dude from Zillow ( think it was Drew Meyers) who asked me, how do you get corporate types to start blogging. So I blathered on in my usual way about Microsoft yadda yadda. I always forget that as a Microsoft person, I am corporate America.

To do: remember that "oh yeah I'm corporate thing."

Steve's wine tips were great - he knew the purple cafe before it became the yuppie crowded enclave it is today - but the tip of the night goes to Tris Hussey who told me to go to SaltSpring Soapworks in Victoria and try out their bath bombs.