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May, 2007

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    The difference one letter makes... Betsy goes from QnA to XNA...

    I'm back from Merrie Olde England where I got a chance to hang out with a true Blog Queen - Eileen Brown, in the UK IT evangelism team . Last time I hung out with her in England, we were on our way to TechEd Amsterdam, and readying a blogging presentation...
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    The Ofone made my day!

    Engadget's summary of the Microsoft Ofone made my day. I'm actually going to replace my current Ancient Nokia very soon....
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    Web twitter

    I think what has kept Twitter so vibrant for me - despite my skepticism post-SXSW hubbub about the applications, is that it lets me check things where I want to. So while others enjoy being IMed and SMSed and getting twitters real-time, I've got more...
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