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  • Blog Post: Update on the treadmill desk: first day back after long absence

    Hmm, well. I can say the Treadmill desk prompted me to lose 5 lbs in about as many weeks. That's the good news. The bad news is, that I also was wearing the wrong orthotics and the wrong shoes (orthotics meant to go in dress shoes only, and because of the treadmill not having a cushion I went for...
  • Blog Post: Community Tip of the Day: Send A Latte of Human Kindness

    Ah community. Where the seething hordes of imbeciles and bad spellers heckle the makers of perfect prose. Where the trolls and the ogres outpace a Tolkien novel. Where There Be Dragons. ...But when it shines, it really shines. For example, there is a Facebook photo album I became aware...
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