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  • Blog Post: Gotdotnet - 2000-2008 - Never Say Die

    It launched on Nov. 15,2000 by a hardy team of renegades.It was the first .NET site built by Microsoft and its first .NET community site. I joined Microsoft while Gotdotnet was in its fallow period (2003). But Gotdotnet survived, and thrived, even while technically neglected. It got a new lease...
  • Blog Post: Gotdotnet & the 7 year switch - to CodePlex!

    I had a chance to chat with Sandy Khaund today (I know, people at Microsoft actually TALKING to each other! without the aid of computers! how NUTS is that!!??!!) about Gotdotnet closing its doors in July 2007.We reminisced about the good, bad, and the bitchy (that last was me of course :) ) and what...
  • Blog Post: The Funny QnA Valentine

    Krista Wall led the way to send the Live QnA-ers a Valentine ...and they loved it. (Those little hearts take you to actual QnA questions; Krista spent a ton of time prepping this.) Online community work is always so full of these ups and downs. There are moments when frankly, your customers drive...
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